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Photos during event, fashion show, press conference, discussion:

  • from 55 eu for 1 hour(Berlin),  up to 200 Photos by many houres event;
  • pack short Event  up to 2h 200 eu, ca. 50 photos (for example short press conference);


  • by very short events max. 2 houres then 40 eu max. 50 photos ;
  • after each day with many photos ca.4 houres for retouch (backup, editing, saveing, send to client) from 60 eu by 70 Photos;
  • link to photos (possiblity to choice photos for editing), guilty 3 working days 8 eu.

Cost of travel / Anfahrtkosten

Berlin - free

Another Cities 0,40 eu pro Km, evetually accommodation